A contact AC voltage detector instrument, designed for use with a hot stick. The electronic circuit offers a safe and accurate response through light and sound indications.

Tested in accordance with international standard IEC 61243-1/09 and indispensable for compliance with the Safety Regulatory Standard in Electrical Installations and Services NR-10 (Item 10.5.1-C - verification of absence of voltage).

The contact tester offers fast and safe voltage checks in AC installations in:
-    Transmission lines;
-    Distribution lines;
-    Substations;
-    Switchgears.

The CT 0.07-1 model has an on/off switch, the others are stand by

•    Frequency of Operation: 50 Hz

Cat. No. Voltage  Range Voltage 
Color of 
Approx. Weight  (lb)
 CT 0,07-1* 70V - 1 kV Baixa brown 0.63 
 CT 2-8/SB 2 kV - 8 kV Baixa Orange 0.63 
 CT 3,8-36/SB** 3,8 kV - 36 kV Média Orange 0.63 
 CT 10-40/SB 10 kV - 40 kV Média Orange 0.63 
 CT 20-80/SB 20kV - 80 kV Media-Alta Orange 0.92 
 CT 60-240/SB 60 kV - 240 kV Alta Black 0.92 
 CT 180-540/SB 180 kV - 540 kV Alta Black 0.92 
* No answer the standard IEC61243-1
** Does not comply with Item - THRESHOLD VOLTAGE - of the IEC61243-1 standard. It complies with the other requirements of the standard.

Weight without case